About project

I am an artist and photographer who has always been interested in the phenomenon of ossuaries.

Even though ossuaries have long since ceased to be a part of our daily lives, they remain silent witnesses of our past. They represent the transiency of time. Many of them have succumbed to it, and only a small number have been preserved. That is why I decided to capture them through photographs.

Each ossuary I have visited has its own unique atmosphere. Each one is special in some way. Yet, they all have something in common: They tell stories without words. Silence. I believe these moments of silence will also breathe unto you via the photographs.

Most people will probably know the ossuary Kutná Hora - Sedlec, a few others will probably know Mělník, Brno and only a small group of people will know more. Although only a small number of the original number of ossuaries remain, we can still find quite a few of them - even though they are often only torsos of the original form. And so I had to set boundaries for the selection of ossuaries for the book. And in the end I chose twenty.

Which ossuaries can be found in the book?

Kutná Hora - Sedlec, Brno, Kolín, Mělník, Nížkov, Velká Losenice, Žehuň, Korouhev, Vamberk, Kotouň, Putim, Mouřenec (Annín), Třešť, Zdislavice, Letařovice, Malin, Dlouhá Ves, Křtiny, Markvartice, Czermna (polish ossuary with czech roots)

It doesn't end with the book

Even after the book is published, the project continues. I continue to photograph the ossuaries that did not make it into the first book and I am still looking for other places that deserve to be documented with feeling. So there is a good chance that you will see the next volume of the book in the future.

Besides, I would like to cover European ossuaries in the future.

In addition, there will be several exhibitions and talks with photo projections during the year. I always inform about these events in advance on the FB page of the project: www.facebook.com/momentyticha