About project

I am an artist and photographer who has always been interested in the phenomenon of ossuaries.

Even though ossuaries have long since ceased to be a part of our daily lives, they remain silent witnesses of our past. They represent the transiency of time. Many of them have succumbed to it, and only a small number have been preserved. That is why I decided to capture them through photographs.

Each ossuary I have visited has its own unique atmosphere. Each one is special in some way. Yet, they all have something in common: They tell stories without words. Silence. I believe these moments of silence will also breathe unto you via the photographs.

Most people will probably know the ossuary Kutná Hora - Sedlec, a few others will probably know Mělník, Brno and only a small group of people will know more. Although only a small number of the original number of ossuaries remain, we can still find quite a few of them - even though they are often only torsos of the original form. And so I had to set boundaries for the selection of ossuaries for the book. And in the end I chose twenty.

Which ossuaries can be found in the book?

Kutná Hora - Sedlec, Brno, Kolín, Mělník, Nížkov, Velká Losenice, Žehuň, Korouhev, Vamberk, Kotouň, Putim, Mouřenec (Annín), Třešť, Zdislavice, Letařovice, Malin, Dlouhá Ves, Křtiny, Markvartice, Czermna